Pyra (Imported Properly)

Uploaded by PyraUploader 1523924412 ago


Has emotes, dynamic bones, lip syncing, and the green parts glow like in the game.

Ripped straight from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with no hidden geometry.

Make sure you import the SDK first.

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metakn9 1537991351 ago

Thanks so much, also upload Pneuma please

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AegisInferno 1525322611 ago

Any word on when Pneuma will be uploaded?

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Lyeco 1524731891 ago

@hypnoticJetter you pray to god that she gets ported

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HypnoticJetter 1524717501 ago

Any idea how to get her final form? I am not sure how to rip from the game to do it myself.

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PyraUploader Author 1524306970 ago

@IndigoDrop Sure. I'll upload Mytra later today.

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IndigoDrop 1524286366 ago

Thanks so so so much for uploading Pyra! This avatar has quickly become my favorite! Are you going to upload more? Would be awesome to see Mythra as well :)

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osiris32 1524011797 ago

@Lyeco ok all is good now, nice job :)

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PyraUploader Author 1524005347 ago

@Osiris32 Double click on the "Pyra" scene after you import the unity package.

It looks like this:

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osiris32 1523975846 ago

Its a 10/10 avatar but, it has this black cube covering the avatar.

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Lyeco 1523941955 ago

@Spehirothskr why don't you fix it then. Oh wait....this one is fully setup unlike mine.

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Sephirothskr 1523928913 ago

The chest is technically the wrong texture. It's slightly red and bumpy in game and in vrchat is just black.

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