Rinto Kagamine[Read Desc.](Flamethrower, Particle effects,etc)

Uploaded by Jannik 1524049681 ago


Join my server if your intrested in commission or private lessions https://discord.gg/DTxc3b5

This is Rinto Kagamine, he has a Particle animation with sound which also turns his hand into a flamethrower.
Furthermore he has 4 different faces (you can see them on the pictures), Dynamic hair, Lip sync, Blinking and a stack of money.

For comission add me on discord: Jannik#0725
1 Download the vrcsdk (if you dont have it)
2 Import the vrcsdk in unity
3 Import "rinto[readme]"
4 Read the README Rinto and go to the actual download link
5 Import Rinto4 (this might take a while)
6 Open the Scene named Rinto
7 Upload

original file: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Tda-Rinto-and-Lenka-Kagamine-Outer-Science-DL-509021691
(the unity package was to big to upload here)

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TheUnknownM 1544719113 ago

Hey, Can you re-upload this model

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Callmebird 1529765830 ago

Can't upload it somehow.... and i did as said in discription :c

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tomorrowstheway 1526452476 ago

FileNotFoundException: C:/../customAvatar.unity3d does not exist

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KazumiLove 1525138283 ago

FileNotFoundException: C:******** ...../Rinto/customAvatar.unity3d does not exist
what ? why

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KazumiLove 1525137925 ago

i cant upload it :( why ?

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Jannik Author 1524685211 ago

It works again Largo

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Largo 1524668991 ago

I totally love this avatar! Too bad the flamethrower stopped working in the update :(

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Devilman 1524558939 ago


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TheUnknownM 1524321427 ago

Do Shift F1-F9 on the desktop.

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Bamaman 1524274091 ago

how do you make the animations work

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Drakeos 1524191039 ago

Can you do more models with these kind of thing's please

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willbur 1524152772 ago

Love this avatar! The particle effect takes a while to 'charge' up though.

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Admax 1524106239 ago

Love this avatar and the particle effects thank you

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TheUnknownM 1524096349 ago

Cool model! :)

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NikitoUmata 1524085887 ago

pretty cool peep

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