Fortnite Battle Royale "The Reaper"

Uploaded by Lyeco 1525413580 ago


Featured in HeyImBee’s "Fortnite Dances Video"

The Reaper skin from Fornite Battle Royale
Season three's highest reward tier and basically John Wick in Fortnite

Contains dances WITH SOUNDS, visemes, weak eye tracking, and a weapon. (weapon not from Fortnite though)

Gesture List
F7 or Handgun: Pistol

Cubed Shaders


Q: The dances are not from Fortnite either
A: Correct, but I chose the ones where it fits the game. At least it has music.

Contact me at Discord: Healbot #5194 for any problems


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Lyeco Author 1529044881 ago

I need a screenshot

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ChaosMieter 1528983387 ago

there seems to be an issue with the hands, as opening and closing them is extremely slow after pressing/releasing the button. mostly seen when pulling out the gun

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Ya Boi Sammich 1527969713 ago

can you do the raven model

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TheUnknownM 1526757389 ago

You need cubic shaders.

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JuiceBeatz 1526269521 ago

NVM OMG OMG I GOT IT IM JOHN WICK ALL I DID WAS DOWNLOAD THIS btw you should put that link in the desk cause most people like me dont know what link to go to.

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JuiceBeatz 1526268366 ago

is the cubed shaders the link after it if not can you give me the link

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Lyeco Author 1526267180 ago

Read the requirements. You need the shader.

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JuiceBeatz 1526266886 ago

I got the guy in unity and im in the game but idk why am i pink im sorry if i sound stupid but my character is pink i followed the tutorial and everything idk why im pink

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Vannilathesweet09 1526039245 ago

That is true but the version in fortnite.. im curious how it would look like when someone extracts it OWO plus ive seen the thanos model already its kinda meh.

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Lyeco Author 1526036415 ago

or you can get the Thanos model that is already available in this site.
It isn't Fortnite but it's close to the MCU Version

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Vannilathesweet09 1526036072 ago

you should try to get the thanos from fortnite. like idk if ur that good to do the animations that he has but like maybe try to do a laser beam thing like he does in the mode

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Username12678 1525997295 ago

Raven would be amazing

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scout 1525992050 ago

plz do the raven

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ArmoredMicrobe2 1525629194 ago


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slicedmoonlight 1525578983 ago

i'd like to see team cuddle leader if that's alright

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Gensum 1525552945 ago

oh yes

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Enframed 1525520186 ago

Do the raven, please!

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blakeando 1525510358 ago

thanks, could you do this one?

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Lyeco Author 1525496929 ago

@TheUnknownM depends if someone ports it to sfm.

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TheUnknownM 1525493630 ago

Awesome! Can you add any more fortnite characters like the new tier 100 s4 one? :D

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Lyeco Author 1525424991 ago


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xkaizen 1525424225 ago

How did u convert models from sfmlab to blender/unity?

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