PaPa Tutu WaWa (Gabriela Lotaryska)

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Gabriela Lotary?ska from Kakuchou Shoujo-kei Trinary
better known for some weeb meme

public avatar pedastal id: avtr_8e2cd495-1d21-4989-bbe4-17542aed3f70

Update: see

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OskeinO 1527105483 ago

xD i remember this show plus that intro

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MichaelPilot 1527051501 ago

I'm sorry but Gabriela looks creepy and ugly as hell.

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RogueMorty 1526966321 ago

good avatar

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TehBucket Author 1526962727 ago

shush clyde im not a weeb

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nanights98 1526960779 ago

if only i knew how to install this lol

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Clyde 1526954838 ago

this is the first time you've actually uploaded an anime avatar

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Trixelen 1526935349 ago

Oh yes!

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