Cutie Chibi Rin Tohsaka (with cute Dances!)

Uploaded by Satsuki 1527638461 ago


Chibi Rin Tohsaka by neko

Link to original model:

Model converted to VRChat by Satsuki

List of features:
- Fully Rigged for IK
- Cubed Shaders
- Lip sync
- Eye tracking and blinking
- Dynamic Bones
-- Hair
-- Skirt

Emotes: Coming soonβ„’

- Kiss Me
- Diamond Sky
- Love Time

Check out her big sister too! (

Everything you need except for the VRCSDK is contained within the package!

All our uploads can be imported into the same project! You don't need to import the VRCSDK every time. Just be sure to import the shaders and Dynamic Bones only once! If you're not sure, just use seperate projects, that works fine as well!

Look here for a video on how to import the avatars:

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Deadambitions 1528133697 ago

Nice work! And i like that teaser.

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Satsuki Author 1527877587 ago

Teaser for Arcade Neko Miku

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