[Modern.] Sonic The Hedgehog. [NEW Animations and Emotes!]

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Now then, for those with a bit of modern taste that can only be satisfied by Unleashing you're inner Hedgehog. Not to Force these puns that I have had for Generations down your throat but hopefully they provide Colors to some one's day! ... "Puns Entirely Intended."

Alright, moving on from the terrible puns. In this package, you will receive the important DynamicBones, CubedShaders, and of course, both Modern Sonic and his Animations from Sonic Generations that fit wonderfully on him. These Animations include his Idle, Boost, Run, 'Evaluating his Rank," Jog, Walk, Death, Beginning and Waiting Animations, The pose he strikes from Sonic Adventure, Laying Down, and slightly more... With all these combined, besides blinking, you will probably have the PERFECT Sonic Model.

Notes and Disclaimers:
If Sonic Appears white or purple or whatever color, try either looking to his materials and see if the textures are placed on them... If not, place them there and then upload him.
This Modern Sonic Model {From Generations} was found from SAB64 on Deviantart. Go give them a follow.

For the Custom Emote Override located in the Sonic's Animations Folder: "New Folder 1." Refer to this Guide:
{Disclaimer: I don't have VR so if you do and want to make some slight modifications to how this work [Crouch and Prone.] Go Ahead.}

With all that being said, I hope to see you running around VRChat real soon here! Have Fun!

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angelcat 1563568752 ago

yo can you make a classic tails?

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harrym12 1549680266 ago

your model is shit be gewd like others you faggot

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Cl1nkZ 1542001770 ago

Awesome sonic avatar! But the animations doesn't work even when I override the config. Can you please fix the animation so that it could work ingame

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Unaided Colt 24 1539456875 ago

Can You Make SA2 Sonic

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HeartinaRosebud 1535361547 ago

Can you please upload Sonic Boom avatar?

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HeartinaRosebud 1535361304 ago

I love it! But I need help! The referenced script on Sonic's behavior is missing!

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Starrider 1534696184 ago

I put the animations in the correct place in the override, but when I uploaded the avatar to vrchat, the avatar used the normal animations, did I do something wrong?

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TheDeadBody 1530634770 ago

Can you make an Sonic.exe Model?

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Tycitron 1530551419 ago

Now we just need super/Hyper sonic and my vr life will be complete

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ShadowBP 1530522809 ago

Pretty cool your Sonic´s model..

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MrMultiverse 1530474469 ago

the walking backwards looks like sonic doing the moonwalk (not complaining, just an observation)

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MajorGoldGamer 1530466779 ago

1st! Now comment something of act- wait this isnt youtube

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