SilVR Water Shader v1.1

Uploaded by Blake447 1535147397 ago


This is a prefab with a couple shaders that work to bring interactive water into the world of vrchat. It is super GPU intensive, so it should be set to a toggle if you want a decent framerate, especially if you up the resolution. Feel free to modify the shaders, just be sure to give me credit in one form or another should you choose to redistribute it. It's a little complicated so I am including a video tutorial as well as a link to the shader and a readme detail all the different settings and components to it below.

With the update to 1.1 you may notice the unity package is larger. I've included a cubemap in this one to fix the issue where the water surface just appears grey for anyone who imports it. There are no other changes to the prefab, other than that I added a premade test sphere as well and updated the link to the youtube video to a version with louder audio.

Video tutorial:
Google drive to file + readme:

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freedomgundum101 1566453413 ago

bruh that tigrex

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rollthered 1542027608 ago

This crashes entire lobbies whenever i use it in my map, idk why.

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Blake447 Author 1535350306 ago

Import a cubemap and apply it to the cubemap property for the water surface material. There is also a link to a google drive .zip version of the download that includes a readme in the description of the youtube video, since vrcmods only supports unity files.

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Toothless 1535314789 ago

when i input it on my world the water texture is grey how do i fix that?

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Blake447 Author 1535227730 ago

That's my pretty much go to avatar lol. If you see one around and their tail and ears move back and forth, its most likely me

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DanteInfernow 1535227321 ago

More interested by the nice Tigrex in the picture to be honest XD

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AzulieZeiro 1535182459 ago

cool, I like this effect when I saw it in a ripple pond room

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Hegion 1535151526 ago

Leaked O.o

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