Chain Collar Accessory! (Prefab w/ Perfect Dynamic Bones)

Uploaded by no caps 1542046419 ago


Join my discord to be up download my private models and shaders!
Package is ready to be uploaded to a model!
((Model not included, only the chain. <3<3))
^Here's the original model ^*^
All you have to do is drag a material onto the collar and attach the neck bone in the collar onto the neck of your model!

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The7thAngel 1542615019 ago

I am having an issue as there is no unity project for me...

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zectsuwu 1542142833 ago

Cute ass model tbh

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no caps Author 1542112051 ago

rip rest of comment didn't upload lmao. It also meant to say I don't know what you mean about the scaling problem. I got the chain off of deviantart.. As well as mostly everything else off this model. I can give credit to the inspiration from the models used, but I didn't steal anything.

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no caps Author 1542111923 ago

I don't like what you're accusing me of

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Larens 1542107938 ago

since this model was ripped by someone thats mean soon or late someone would share all settings anyway to get benefit for yourself, Eryn there's no sense fight about it :c but thank you, i spent some time to get those settings im glad that u call it perfect and want to share.

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Eryn 1542092404 ago

(2 | 2) As well as seeing the pictures you have on here happen to just be texture swaps of the exact model I'm talking about, then yes I'm saying you stole it, or assuming you did got it off of her, not at least giving proper credit to the person(s) who worked on it to get the physics on the chain just right.
Of course feel free to correct me if that's not the case, and I apologize of being skeptical, it just seems a bit suspect is all.

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Eryn 1542092279 ago

(1 | 2) I just find it strange that (as someone who's bought her model with her chain settings on the model I'm referring to via publicdemon) it seems kind of strange that they happen to be both the same exact size (the one credited on deviant art is not, regardless of scaling) and the dynamic bones component values happen to be the exact same across both.

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Joltze 1542084132 ago

uwu put deviant art link for credit :D

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no caps Author 1542082361 ago

um. yeah, called "Pink Luka" and I uh made that one too... lmao

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no caps Author 1542082265 ago

Eryn, you can find the chain on deviantart,
But thx for the accusation ^o^

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Silvamord 1542073514 ago

Isn't there already a model with this on the site

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Eryn 1542066949 ago

Stolen from Laren's model, huh

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no caps Author 1542054941 ago


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Derek 1542051460 ago


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