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My discord - Manish#9310

VRChat Nickname - Hi Manish


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ShintaroBRL 1610962872 ago

Where is the editable version?

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ajnguyen 1565343808 ago

What is the world to this avatar?

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12345678910 1544311883 ago

@MADLOWKEY it was in public but not like this, this is already edited and it was against the rules

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MADLOWKEY 1543421367 ago

I've seen this avatar before it was in a public world

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12345678910 1543312057 ago

hi, would you mind delete this, this is not yours to edit and put here for everyone to dl.

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BlurFox 1542809008 ago

Well moron, normally stole

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Manish Author 1542484354 ago

@whalsr123 No

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Manish Author 1542484292 ago

@HmmmWhyThat Read Description

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whalsr123 1542471341 ago

Thank you! Do you know the name of this model

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HmmmWhyThat 1542470787 ago

this Avatar is ripped from someone else as its already an prefab with missing scrips, should take that down.

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Frostmahster 1542454811 ago

looks like a trap, lol

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rollthered 1542412834 ago

Interesting. I sense a bit of a troll with that name.

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TheUnknownM 1542395810 ago

This model is simply beautiful! :D

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Manish Author 1542393843 ago

No, that was the name of the character.

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rollthered 1542386496 ago

I think you miss-spelled "anime". Unless that is the name of the character itself.

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Frostmahster 1542380477 ago

cool avatar

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NEK0 Animation Squad 1542370784 ago

nice avatar looks good upvote

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