Blake Belladonna - Casual Wear (17k) (Updated Unity2017)

Uploaded by Scarlettte 1543123536 ago


If you have the old version of this model, delete the folder called (Cubed's Unity Shaders (Silent) then you can import the package.
I included the latest version of this shader.

In the scene, there should be 3 gameobjects *good, medium and poor*.
Imma suggest you to use the good(no dynamic bones) or the medium one (dynamic bones but no colliders)

Blake Belladonna from RWBY in Casual outfit!
View the model here: (

My Discord is up!
If you have questions about the uploads you can message me directly at (Scarlette#0271).
Or if you want to hop in, hang out in VRChat just message me xd.

Second upload of my avatar in RWBY.
This model is kinda tricky because all the UV's are messed up. Still the final result is good so I decided to upload it anyway.

- Dynamic Bones
- Silent's Cel Shading Shader (Included)
- NoeNoe Shader (Included)

This model is a ready to upload model to VRChat. It has the following:

- 17495k Polyssss
- Lip Sync (Visemes)
- Dynamic Bones And Basic Colliders
- Eye Tracking
- Full Body Tracking Compatible
- Basic Facial Animations
- Scene (Load it up in the Models folder)
- Optimized (3 Materials only)

This model has less blendshapes/shape keys but you could check it out in the mesh make your own gesture.
I made 4 basic gestures that you can use.

- Shift + F2: Smile (Thumbs up)
- Shift + F4: Angry (Point)
- Shift + F5: Stare
- Shift + F6: Lewd

If you do notice some problems regarding this avatar, feel free to comment below.
And thanks for downloading this avatar! :3


TheClassicThinker (Blake MODEL)
link: (

kreifish (Chokers)

GiveMeAllYourCats and Cats Team (CATS BLENDER PLUGIN)
Pumpkin (Pumkin's Avatar Tools)
Noe (NoeNoe Shader)


Other Models:

Weiss Schnee - Casual Wear
link: (

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HylianLoserVR 1596378048 ago

For some reason the hair is messed up for me what do I do?

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Scarlettte Author 1545836580 ago

An update is released! It should fix any shader related problems

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Scarlettte Author 1544870657 ago

@Ozpin thank you for the heads up! Yea i was having a problem with unity 2017.4.15f1 it keeps crashing in my part. I'll reupload everything once it is fixed. Thanks again~

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Ozpin 1544760978 ago

Hey there Scarlet, there's issues with your models in the new Unity (2017.4.15f1).
I deduced via the console that the issue is due to the included shaders failing - specficially the "Flat Lit Toon (silent) shader. I fixed the issue by manually setting the model to use my own version of Cubed's Shaders, which is the latest Cubed's release. I think perhaps it may be wise to simply set the models to use Cubed's Shaders normally and tell people to get the shaders on their own, rather than attempting to include those shaders with the project. This applies to all three of your RWBY models. Just thought I'd give you a heads-up.

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mindlessgonzo 1543472992 ago

Got in contact with the model maker. He's very impressed! I managed to upload it to my VRChat account and it works nicely! Thank you!

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Kurisutina 1543144692 ago

Yayyy! Finally blake! I cant wait for Yang too! :DD THANKS!

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Priena 1543125197 ago

Yes!! Thank you very much!! <3

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