John Wick Knuckles - HorrorFull

Uploaded by HorrorFull 1517095132 ago


Time to roll out and shoot up goons with the John Wick Knuckles avatar.

Handgun = Show guns
Thumbs-Up = Shoot guns (emits light and plays a gunshot sound)

Enjoy the redemption!

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RanchBean 1559624533 ago

epic avatar will use!

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QuietTouch608 1538578871 ago

Good job!!!

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bencepug 1518102059 ago

how do i use the gun?

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HorrorFull Author 1517142876 ago

Fixed the Pizza Delivery issue!
Sorry about that, guess I rushed it out a little too quickly haHAA

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TheUnknownNZ 1517105321 ago

what is the folder called for him in unity

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Anon88 1517103556 ago

Don't give him a pencil.

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ggqf 1517095584 ago

Upload more knuckles please

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Ted Stevens 1517095576 ago


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