SilVR Water Shader v2.0

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This is the second version of the water shader/rig I've been using in my world Mountain Springs. I've had this release ready for awhile but I've been holding off until I get a tutorial ready. On that note, I do not have a tutorial ready so I'm just going to release it anyway. Stay posted in this description for when I finally get around to it if you want, but it's pretty similar to the original prefab.

Now there are a few key differences with this prefab

1.) There is now a distortion effect done via grabpass, as well as a VRC mirror provided just under the surface
2.) The interacting objects no longer have to be on pickup or walkthrough, the default layer works just fine now
3.) With the unity 2017 update, the water should no longer crash when coming into contact with grabpass. This has not been tested, so if you want to be safe, the render texture that picks up the player interactions should be set to ARGB32 as opposed to what the tutorial recommends, which is RG32. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. It won't be a problem.
4.) The water will now flicker in the unity editor when not in play mode. Ignore this, I'm not sure what it is but it's harmless.
5.) There is a new optimization where most of the shaders calculated the normals directly from the renderplane texture. If you wish to plug the shader into a different one like Waco's water shader or a basic specular surface shader, you can enable the legacy component under propegation rig and that will give you access to another render texture that generates a normal map. This was present before, but is much cleaner this time around and more efficient as well. If you don't know what this means, again don't worry about it too much.

Finally, there is an odd bug with both irregular shaped pools and different aspect ratios where the ripples will bleed through or disappear at the edges, respectively. Be prepared to tinker with these if you want to use the more advanced features, because I have no idea how to fix it as of right now. Additionally, you need to import the VRCSDK before you import this package because of the VRC Mirror.

Link to original (Outdated) tutorial:

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Blake447 Author 1550567291 ago

Yeah, if you need to contact me you can find it through the official VRChat discord or Quantums as well. Same username as on this site

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Peachy 1549789867 ago

do you have discord?

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Blake447 Author 1547429950 ago

You need to change the cubemap to the same one that your skybox is using, then the reflections should line up properly. The material water surface should have an option for that

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Red134 1546990166 ago

how to get rid of the stupid tree reflection that shows no matter what is above it

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Hayan 1546279619 ago

How even. Amazing

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Kassandra 1546091001 ago

Sweet! Thanks for this :D

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Oliver 1546055742 ago

nice stuff ^^

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