Tiggys fire and distortion particles

Uploaded by TiGarNn 1555764452 ago


Just some particles i threw together for a sword :3

(Sword not included)

Preview: https://streamable.com/cc0c8

Updated. Forgot to include the shaders used :3

Discord: <3Tiggy Wiggy<3#7779
Feel free to DM me if there is any buggs or you got any requests of stuff you want me to post in the future ^^


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valor16 1555804112 ago

@TiGarNn thx >.<

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TiGarNn Author 1555798167 ago

@jiggley on the distortion is just the regular default particle used. Can check through it agein and see if something is missing thoe :3

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TiGarNn Author 1555798107 ago

@valor16 this is where i found the sword it self https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-obj-mode-heavy-metal-sword/1136889

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Jiggley 1555797644 ago

Not sure if something is missing but, what shader are you using on the distortion and fire?

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valor16 1555785674 ago

which is the sword that they use in the sword I am looking for

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