neko animation squad

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neko animation squad

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Accelerator 1556520554 ago

Why do you people keep complaining? It's your goddamn fault if your stuff gets stolen because you uploaded it somewhere for FREE. And just to let you know, you don't own the stuff anymore when you upload it to VRChat. You don't own it anyways if it has some MMD parts from DeviantArt. All rights go to the ACTUAL CREATORS and not to you plebs. So THINK before you upload your shit and please don't even try to care if your stuff gets copied or ripped. I don't even understand that stupid and childish autism gang shit.

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zLucPlayZ 1556479909 ago

Yikes, mute mal dein discord, das ist ja schrecklich, und du kannst das ja nicht mal lesen weil du dein Windows nicht gekauft hast xD

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zLucPlayZ 1556479505 ago


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impoggers 1556463512 ago


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just hear to read the salty comments from the edgelords

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bobilly89 1556384092 ago


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Superjesse1 1556378208 ago

Activate ur windows

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Hell raven okuu 1556363742 ago

Your game looks like asset store flipped garbage

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