Corpse Lazer Shader v1.5

Uploaded by CorpseGod003 1570050095 ago


A Simple Laser Shader Based on the KFX Lazer Shader, Again With More Features and More Edits. I always had trouble finding a nice laser effect I liked. I saw this shader on a model once and wondered what it was. Turns out it was from the Muzzle Flash Effects Pack from Kripto. I happened upon it when I was buying various KFX packages on the asset store. Now that I have it, I am sharing my edit so that everyone can have some fun with it.

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Red134 1583660788 ago

thats unfortunate you paid for it, I got the FPS pack for free from unity asset collection

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CorpseGod003 Author 1577175734 ago

Join The Discord (WIP):

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Tawna Bandicoot 1570062945 ago

hail hydra

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