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Custom MMD model made from various assets on Deviant Art.

Dynamic bones on hair and flannel.

Middle Finger replaces Rock and Roll.


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yeongcaroline Author 1519096531 ago

@nolanshaye thanks mate

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nolanshaye 1519078416 ago

@yeongcaroline this is a great model!!!!!!!!! and @dark1226 ty for the old SDK

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yeongcaroline Author 1519002301 ago

@myt you need a vr and to do the rock n roll gesture in game to trigger the animation, you need the dynamic bones asset for the hair and skirt to move

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yeongcaroline Author 1519002227 ago

@obanstar if you have a vr, if you try to do the rock n roll hand gesture in game it will instead do a middle finger gesture.

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Gadredz 1518984450 ago

i think this is the best model ever lol

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myt 1518957811 ago

it does not show middle finger and hair/skirt are static. help, i'm new.

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Yukimura 1518955511 ago

To Remove the ONSPAudioSource go in unity left side in Hierarchy on head there is a "Crying Emoji" delete it and the ONSP Error is gone :P

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obanstar 1518955006 ago

the avatar looks great , but what did you mean by (Middle Finger replaces Rock and Roll) cause i cant find it n_n

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dark1226 1518948482 ago

you need the old sdk

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Draco Aura 1518946842 ago

it doesn't let me, it says "The following component types are found on the Avatar and will be removed by the client: ONSPAudioSource"

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