Tower Unite Emotes

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Email [email protected] if any questions or issues. New emotes from Tower Unite converted to unity humanoid. Converted using Umodel. More assets avaliable from my archive Contains: Agree, Anonymous, BallooningOut, Boxing, Boxing_crossPunch, ChillDance, Dab, DabRight, Disagree, FacePalm, FrogDance, GangsterStandOffa, Laugh, LighterSway, Pray, SkeleDance, SmoothCriminal, SpongeDance, SquatKick, Thinker_idle, Tpose, Vomit, agree, bow, disagree, disco, gunStandOff01, lonelyGunStandOff, mexicanStandOff, pipino, player_wepThrow_Shoot, sit, smugSit, westernStandOff


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Xenarthra 1619368616 ago

tell me please how do you extract stuff from tower unite? i've been trying to do it forever

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MrMcMurfin 1617907594 ago

ay yo we need the Vibeing one!

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