Hazbin Hotel & HelluvaBoss model's Pack 1

Uploaded by zATOMICxMASTERz 1626668985 ago


I left the Hazbin community due to so much harassment and it being too toxic. I'm giving out the models I've been working on and some extra's in these packs. I will be giving out most of my Hazbin stuff and maybe give out the map as I don't want nothing to do with the community.... Some models in these packs was not edit by me but they are still free to grab on sketchfab and other places. I put them in the pack as they are game ready and ready to use IN THIS PACK: Alastor 2x Angel Dust Baxter Blitzo Eggboi CherriBomb


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LePanShark 1626706173 ago

I hope it gets better for you lad

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