[SCRIPT] Unity right click-zoom fix

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EXAMPLE OF PROBLEM THIS SCRIPT WILL FIX: https://gyazo.com/8d617fd8d404f437d4e6314ba2fd9054 -------------------------------------------------- Quick explanation: Ok so in older unity version (around when 2.0 was the main SDK) in your avatar scene, you were able to right click in the view-area and scroll up and down to zoom in and out of the scene at the same time. -------------------------------------------------- I noticed when redownloading unity for 3.0 SDK (and newest compatible unity version) you can't do that anymore, and instead makes you change what I assume to be camera speed value? (idk it goes from like 0.1 - 2.0 I think?) -------------------------------------------------- ANYWAYS I found a script online while doing some digging to find a fix to this, to obtain the old zooming function/ability. I DID NOT CODE THIS SCRIPT. IT WAS MADE BY Yasirkula ON THIS FORUM THREAD: https://forum.unity.com/threads/new-editor-camera-controls-in-2019-1-are-great-but.664378/ -------------------------------------------------- ok tutorial. SO to make this script work, you will make a new script and put it in a folder named "Editor" under the assets folder. (I've gone and done this already in the unity package so you should be fine) When you have this script imported you should be able to instantly be able to right-click and zoom in and out of your scene simultaneously. -------------------------------------------------- ANYWAYS ENJOY <3 DISCORD CONTACT: 80sRetro#2468

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