Anime Mask

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A mask that you can use with your anime avatar, was made for the more rounder faces, but it can be scaled to fit others. Comes with a blank texture with shading but can be replaced with anything you want. (Just 45 Degree it to make it line up correctly)

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Vargink Author 1524401493 ago

In your scene go down your avatars Armature until you get to the head and just drag it there from your project assets :) You will have to adjust it there but it should move with your head and whatnot.

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Zerodeaths 1523475200 ago

How do i connect it to my model in unity?

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Vargink Author 1523274772 ago

You could try and decimate it down in blender but i don't know how it will look, i think its only about 170 polygons as it is.

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Minitroll 1523099254 ago

Is it a way that i can scale it down so the polygons are not so much

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Skugly 1522555213 ago

Hell yeah!

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