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Request for celty from Dur ra ra ra

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RogueMorty 1524881208 ago

I feel bad for the guy who payed a bunch for a custom celty....

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OniiDaki 1526246947 ago

Yeah, I was the guy that paid $200 for the custom Celty Avatar.

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Miimi 1593879654 ago

Anyone else having missing nails on this model ?

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SaggyTitty 1560724023 ago

why 200 dollars wtf?

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RogueMorty 1526256232 ago

major oof

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Snaps 1525224009 ago

ditto on that Haruhi request

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Jared 1524974575 ago

OMG I was just looking for this yesterday. I'm so glad you uploaded this! Gonna make some cool animations emotes with this!

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Largo 1524905317 ago

This is so cool thank you!

Would be awesome if you could take off the helmet

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NikitoUmata 1524883875 ago

Can you do a kirito with no jacket on? from sao

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kurumiyatogami 1524836287 ago

Can you do haruhi from the melancholy of haruhi suzu

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