Gumi [Read Desc.](Healing,Particle Effects,Sounds,Faces,etc.)

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[For comission or private lessions add me on Discord Jannik#0725, I can do almoast anything in Unity. Or join my server ]

This is Gumi, she has healing magic, dynamic bones and colliders, lyp sync, diffrent faces and more.

1: Import the unitypackage and open the "README GUMI"
2: Go to the download link and download the unitypackage called Gumi
3: CREATE A NEW UNITYPROJECT (dont use your own vrcsdk)
4: Import it and open the scene "Gumi"
5: Upload

Original mmd file:
(the unity package was to big to upload here)

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Emmaterasu 1525759062 ago

If the hands were fixed and it had lip syncing, this would be perfect. Would also be nice if it were under 20k poly so I could use it in public, but oh well.

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tony203 1525638218 ago

Um, I cant upload cuz of some Audio source error. When I tryna upload it said ONSAudioSource will be removed. Do you know how to fix this?

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soarinace 1525374889 ago

Do you have one where the wrist and arms bones are a bit better?

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Jannik Author 1525338673 ago

both of you should follow the instructions and import the unitypackage in a NEW project

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XeCorrupt 1525314015 ago

why do i have no effects and the controllers did not stick i have no jestures

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XeCorrupt 1525314015 ago

why do i have no effects and the controllers did not stick i have no jestures

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Hiuo 1525303209 ago

To many polygons pls help

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Jannik Author 1525280706 ago

yeah i know

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Wallow 1525274951 ago

Great job on the model :)

The wrists / arm bones are a little off though:

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Pietruz3000 1525271584 ago

Good job Jannik! Another nice model, as always!

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ItsYuuki 1525269128 ago

I don't know why but I got no Effects etc...
But I made it like u said above, Download this File on Mediafire and just Imported the File to Unity... That's all but I got no Effects or Sounds.

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Jannik Author 1525258460 ago

Ignore the errors, mediafire link updated, no they are not free

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Nameless Woomy 1525231044 ago

So i'm guessing comissions aren't free?

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valor16 1525228841 ago

the mediafire file is down or it does not let me download

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DreeTree 1525223091 ago

Some errors on this..

ArgumentException: GUILayout: Mismatched LayoutGroup.Repaint

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