(HeyImBee Used) Cuddle Team Leader [Fortnite Battle Royale]

Uploaded by rileybonniethebunny 1527284899 ago


The Cutest Thing In Fortnite (the head is a bit glitched but other than that it's working)

Btw this is the first upload I made so plz don't hate

(original model By Fortnite And Uploaded to Sketchfab by:
kyleshakes04) (Sketchfab model Removed) re-uploaded it but no textures on sketchfab you will get the textures with the unity package.

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TurnedOnElijah 1610669099 ago

How do I download this?

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slicedmoonlight 1531543148 ago

@below there is a 19k poly cuddle team leader uploaded by a different user with a fixed body that you can upload

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cfalcon22 1531535309 ago

It says it has too many polygons for my to build and publish

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slicedmoonlight 1530826878 ago

i think the reason the head sinks into the body is because the model is missing the default head from the skin itself from ingame, as for the arms it may be related to the rig

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Kaqnik 1528802909 ago

same please.

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Hydrahead22 1528641607 ago

can you send me the .anim with the orange justice dance from fortnite? please

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Ya Boi Sammich 1527969558 ago

can you plz do the raven model

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rileybonniethebunny Author 1527944736 ago

@Kaqnik Sketchfab

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Kaqnik 1527909923 ago

where did you get the Fortnite animations?

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osiris32 1527702229 ago

Its crap.

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rileybonniethebunny Author 1527522486 ago

@slicedmoonlight yes the animations are coming with the avatar.

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slicedmoonlight 1527451364 ago

i also noticed some animation models, are those going to come in the future too?

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GiulianoGaming 1527445900 ago

Arms are going to be fixed in a future update. Riley and Me don't like the accidental spread arms.
He's going to fix it one day. not sure when, but he will. Not sure about the head though.

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slicedmoonlight 1527427086 ago

unfortunately, the head seems to clip through the body and the arms are spread apart?

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darthcrest 1527420093 ago

nvm I figured it out, thx!

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slicedmoonlight 1527394065 ago

thank you!

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GiulianoGaming 1527362968 ago

It's been fixed as of a recent update,
The head atleast, not sure about the texture problem with @darthcrest

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darthcrest 1527359501 ago

in materials it just says no name and the model is pink (i have cubed's unity shaders)

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slicedmoonlight 1527358015 ago

i hope you can find a way to fix the head, for now i won't use :'>

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GiulianoGaming 1527329071 ago


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Lyeco 1527288689 ago

install cubed shaders

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MrDoge 1527287595 ago

Its ok but you need to fix things with the weight painting in blender cause between the thumbs and pointer finger are see through along with other areas on the model I'd recommend next time watch a tutorial online first

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Lytex 1527287065 ago

when i have it in unity its all pink (no textures)

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