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Stormtrooper from Star Wars. EDIT: Just fixed the placement of the eyes.


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TrashStars 1598036549 ago


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Terallis 1557276755 ago

So, while it's rigged and technically good to be brought right into VRChat, it has many problems with it. For starters, the rig is kinda broken in the hands. A bit wonky on the fingers as it is, but the right thumb is a bit more-so. Likewise, the left thumb isn't even weight painted and therefore doesn't work at all. To make matters worse, though, the geometry is broken as all hell in places. It looks like a full solid mesh on the surface, but there are more than 6000 vertices that are unnecessary. Specifically in that there are edges overlapping with each other that aren't connected, even though they appear connected. I've had to do a lot of work on this particular avatar just to reduce some of these problems.

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Loginnathan 1535353650 ago

Does this have a blaster already rigged?

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