TF2sexyPyro 0.1

Uploaded by tomagafk 1529237898 ago



-Dynamic Bones and colliders


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Magbread 1566544362 ago

Hey, VRChat is a game where you can be whatever you want to be, if someone wants to be an anime catgirl, a fortnite Thanos, a tiny knuckles, or a piece of toast, then is it really that big of a stretch for someone to want to be dummy thicc? I think not. Let people express themselves however they want. Live and let live, or Meme and let thicc, if you will. Thanks for the thiccness.

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ShiriPlease 1566520143 ago

One of the 200 here. Just like to thank you for inspiring my friend cancerlord1999 to make her community. I've met some great people in this community who I love to talk to day after day, and I'd like to pay respects to the roots that helped this tree of a server flourish ^^

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FluorideSting 1566520123 ago

Thank you for this wonderful model. <3

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Mega Shark King 1566519985 ago

Now this is what i call a 10/10

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cancerlord1999 1566518965 ago

I hope you see this comment somehow, but thank you for making this.
Because of you, I was able to get into blender and unity as well as create a community of over 200 people, all people who like avatars like this. I hope the weebs and dead memes on this site gain some self awareness one day...

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The chiefHusky 1552112867 ago

heavys crush

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AzulieZeiro 1529289710 ago


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Compwiz 1529423797 ago

to think someone paid 20$ just for the wiggly monstrosity that this is.

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xFOXx 1529392585 ago

Exit. Delete. Logout.

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Delirious11 1529306087 ago


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ggqf 1529303096 ago

Ok I think you need to rethink your life choices

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Baeronius 1529297755 ago

Well.... someone found out how to import from SFM I take it.

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ajspider 1529241084 ago

Why? just why? ;P

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raz1233 1529239196 ago

wut de heck XD

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