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Non-Humanoid Animal Avatar.

Cubed Shaders package Required.


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RogueMorty 1529809196 ago

is this a actual wolf or just a image

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SevenDogsHeart 1621058552 ago

For some reason It wont let me download the Cubed Shaders package can someone give me a link that works please?

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OcelotGaming 1587839036 ago

Pls, can Someone that has Virtual droid explain me how to import these skins to the game ? Because it doesn't work with me.

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GHOSTFANGWOLFIE 1554043203 ago

yes im so pleased can the creator get in touch with me please my discord is GHOST#9194 I WANT TO ASK SOME QUESTIONS PLEASE AND TY

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Cristianrox04 1549237966 ago

well I hope this work

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DerpyRock 1535031450 ago

Its not letting me Change the view positions.

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F2N0 1529828118 ago

You have failed to make an animation. Even if the bone is pushed by - 0.4, the animation interferes. You will have to recreate the animation.

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JayDicentra 1529812473 ago

@RealityRogue I tried that, it made it even more broken. I placed the camera far enough away from the face so the wolf's face wouldn't go through it while doing it's idle animation. Still, it was broken.

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MustacheWhale 1529799738 ago

This is hilarious for some reason.

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RealityRogue 1529780476 ago

@JayDicentra you can easily fix that by moving the view point in the VRC descriptor

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JayDicentra 1529713558 ago

kinda broken. camera isn't in the right place.

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Cokey 1529682377 ago


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TheHoodedProxy 1529681356 ago

could u do a fox?

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ubisoft85 1529641500 ago


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