Angel Miku (3 sizes)

Uploaded by Jinx 1516607464 ago


Mmd converted, originally made by luiz7429 @ Eye tracking + Dynamic skirt, hair and tie movement + Lip sync. Uses cubedunityshaders. Click the "OPEN ME" scene inside unity to load the scene.------------------------------------UPDATE: Added weapon animation - Rapier upon using rock and roll. Added 2 different size versions, tiny and giant.Use the scenes to change to each. Fixed an issue where the rapier wouldn't appear on the giant and tiny model.

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TrashStars 1598036577 ago


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Sam54123 1538709320 ago

It doesn't work with full body tracking. I would look at that.

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antho57400 1520193093 ago

I don't have any weapon nor special animation, how can I get this?

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Atomic Storm 1516847453 ago

Ah yes, I had the Rapier Animation selected because I thought you need that one for the weapon. Alright thanks

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Jinx Author 1516846725 ago

Animations don't currently have limits, however unless you clicked "Rapier animation" model, it shouldn't be showing that error. That model is a place holder for the actual animation which was created. The standard model will still have the animation, the only one without it is the clean model.

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Atomic Storm 1516845828 ago

The weapon animation makes the polygon go over limit

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