Satania ( eye tracking, lips sync, dynamics gestures and more! )

Uploaded by Dragonrider 1531405531 ago


Satania ( eye tracking, lips-inc, dynamics and more! )

Have fun! :D

USE the unity project named YUNO, located in Yuno map.
So DO NOT use backup unity project.

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Affirmativeee 1532339806 ago

The skirt is really buggy, one side of the skirt will glitch in and out of the thigh (Seems to be most common on the right thigh.) I don't know if it's a problem on my end or if it's the model its self so i thought i should comment about it to possibly get a fix for this. As for the rest of the model, it all looks really good! Good job, Thanks!

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CecilyJisi 1531663217 ago

Okay but... the eye tracking and lip syncing don't work.

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