Akane [Particles,Faces,Emotes,Eyetracking,lyp sync etc.]

Uploaded by Jannik 1531765469 ago


[For your own custom model with Items/Particles (comission) or private lessions
add me on Discord (Jannik#0725) so we can talk about it. Or join my server https://discord.gg/DTxc3b5 ]


This is Akane she has Particles,Dynamic Bones,Faces, Emotes, Lyp sync, Eyetracking.

1: Import the unitypackage and open the "README AKANE"
2: Go to the download link and download the unitypackage called "Akane"
4: Import "Akane" and open the scene "Akane"
5: Upload

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virtualcopyright 1536295984 ago

Amazing :) Thanx for sharing!

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kelvinghoul 1535381096 ago

yea uh whats the script thats not letting me upload it

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MooshyMoo 1533125697 ago

It lets me upload this perfectly fine, I don't know what's wrong with everyone elses??

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Seulo 1532841920 ago

Doesnt work.

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BasApan 1532624874 ago

oh shit, I didnt know that, my bad dude.

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Jannik Author 1532513664 ago

I would upload it here but sadly this side only allows uploads up to 40mb which is to little for mine :(

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Necta 1532142891 ago

Update : I got the solution, you just have to delete the broken script in the avatar in Unity and then you can upload it.

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BasApan 1532096211 ago

and when we go there and dl the package its broken and u cant import it to unity.

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BasApan 1532095831 ago

Why even upload this here, when we have to go to a mediafire link to get the actual thing?. i dont get it.. why dont you just upload it here, instead of doing this roundabout thing?

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Necta 1532077201 ago

@Kradrick nope, already tried this obviouly, but nothing change, even unity reinstalled and with a new SDK or project. It keep saying that error message, and my friends who tried this too got the same error.

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Kradrick 1532028598 ago

@Necta, this is common problem sometimes, you need to create an entirely new unity project, import the sdk and the shaders and anything else essential to the avatars your using and just start fresh, its the sdk deleting itself or becoming corrupted for whatever reason. it happens to me all the time, reimporting the sdk does not work, i have tried so many fixes. the only thing that has worked every single time was creating a new project. it might have something to do with conflicting packages even. either way try making a new project and starting fresh.

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Fressa 1531992447 ago

Also can't upload it :(

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Necta 1531962548 ago

I can't upload it, unity say this : C:/Users/gambinop/AppData/Local/Temp/DefaultCompany/Avatar/customAvatar.unity3d does not exist

Only happen on this model, i already tried some fix that i found (like delete the folder DefaultCompany and reinstall unity) but nothing's working, can you fix it yourself here or do you have a solution ?

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Juze16 1531769170 ago

Great job once again!

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