Lost Miku [Particles,Faces,Emotes,Eyetracking,lyp sync etc.]

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[For your own custom model with Items/Particles (comission) or private lessions
add me on Discord (Jannik#0725) so we can talk about it. Or join my server https://discord.gg/DTxc3b5 ]


This is Lost Miku she has Particles,Dynamic Bones,Faces, Emotes, Lyp sync, Eyetracking.

1: Import the unitypackage and open the "README LOST MIKU"
2: Go to the download link and download the unitypackage called "Lost Miku"
3: CREATE A NEW UNITYPROJECT <---- important
4: Import "Lost Miku" and open the scene "Lost Miku"
5: Upload
(sorry that it has to be this complicated but this webside only allows uploads up to 40mb)

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Jannik Author 1536228630 ago

@RogueMorty then it would not count as a dl and the file would get lost on this webside, also you can just open the readme in my unityproject and copy paste it, you dont need to type it out

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RogueMorty 1536220564 ago


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mizzy010 1536212152 ago

you can just drag the note out of unity on your desktop lol

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RogueMorty 1536188490 ago

Jannik, you should leave a link to the media fire dl in your description. You have to individually type out the mediafire link which is a pain in the ass.

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