DBFZ Ssj Goku FULL BODY (34k poly) By: CrypticLight

Uploaded by CrypticLight 1537060727 ago


WARNING there is a guy using my model without giving credit and is selling it his name is KURURU95

Please just give credit where its due.
Also dont sell it unless you did major changes like i had stated below. . .
My Discord server: RYH9G7U
What the model has:
Dynamic bones(if you own it)
Aura(with sounds)
Dragon ball anime face shading
Eye tracking, Visemes, Blinking

Shader: Arc System Shader by: Shamwow and Aerthas Veras
And big thanks to them for making such a wonderful shader

Model is 34k Poly i removed a bunch of uncessessary stuff from the model when i ripped it
How to go to 35k poly limit:
1) Download the vrchat sdk: https://www.vrchat.net/home/download
2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjNc-DMHjX0 set the polygon limit to 35000

Please be respectful and dont rebrand the model and sell it to people
- putting on a bunch of shaders and calling it your own model
- putting on prefabs and calling it your own model
- recoloring it and calling it your own model
- calling the model yours
- Just in general ANY small changes you cannot call it your own model unless you actually did something huge that is when you can claim it as your own such as adding new body parts and etc.

And thanks Arc System Works for making such an amazing game and being published by Bandai.

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KingIsKool 1625874374 ago

Was this ripped from dragon ball Fighterz cause it looks great

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CrypticLight Author 1550646255 ago

@Wolfsix i can fix that problem but i dont plan to anytime soon i just dont like uploading to vrcmods anymore if you want help join my discord in the desc.

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Wolfsix 1549648053 ago

Whenever I use this model in full body the waist like inverts and gets super skinny and the feet twitch around does anyone know why? And this happens with almost every dragon ball character I try to use

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CrypticLight Author 1546895243 ago

There is a scene in the files just open it @squeakerdeaker

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squeakerdeaker 1546891408 ago

Do we have to add the aura and sounds ourselves or does it automatically done when you load the package

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WeePaddy 1546210944 ago

Agreed vv

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Dunkelys 1541269822 ago

it would be cool if u meke him fire a kamehameha ,it would be the best!!

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lilhoodjr 1540648396 ago

Hey can you make it where he go ssj ssj2 ssj3 and ssg or ssb ssbkk and ui

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CrypticLight Author 1538902495 ago

To fix it just make the X position = 0 for the aura animation model and main model like thyr0 had said

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CrypticLight Author 1537481653 ago

this is my discord server code join if you are having problems RYH9G7U

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TommyMG96 1537471098 ago

Tried reimporting and reinstalling everything, maybe it just isn't meant to be :'(

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CrypticLight Author 1537464188 ago

Try reimporting the vrcsdk

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TommyMG96 1537464065 ago

Tried that, still won't work rip

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thyr0 1537441746 ago

Works GREAT, the issue is about the position of the avatar set X = 0 it will work

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TommyMG96 1537392285 ago

Can't upload because of this issue.

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TommyMG96 1537336052 ago

"This avatar measures too large on at least one axis. It must be <5m on a side but it's bounds are (8.0, 2.2, 0.5)"

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CrypticLight Author 1537240002 ago

shouldnt be any problems with the axis

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TommyMG96 1537235330 ago

Says it's too large on one axis, anyway to fix

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MajorGoldGamer 1537233223 ago

can you do SSJ2 Gohan

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WolfKing 1537115744 ago

if possible could you do Piccolo

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CrypticLight Author 1537075267 ago


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TheTDK 1537072548 ago

Can you do Vegeta or a different form of goku next

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