Hoodie shipgirl

Uploaded by Mappi 1539687406 ago


Releasing this version of the hoodie avatar, slightly differs from the world version.

Installation :

1. Import cubed (latest version), Dynamic bones and the VRC-SDK
2. Import this package
3. Either drag in the prefab or click on the scene
4. Upload it

Cubed shader releases


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Negan 1539691716 ago

fuck she looks tight

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Hayan 1547297704 ago

She's got a lot of expressions and her Dynamic bones are rigged very nicely.

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Zenyth 1541809474 ago

@MitchMurder holy fuck is editing eye color really that hard

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AlolanVulpixMc 1541278577 ago

Hey can i ask you to do a player model for me. can you do hood from azur lane plz and thank you

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Mappi Author 1540121836 ago

@Mitch murder Nope, just recreated. You could figure that much out by just looking at the unity package which is something that is really hard for you to figure out.

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MitchMurder 1540084458 ago

Stolen from my world! Thank you for stealing my assets <3

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