Custom Made Collar

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Its an edit of an original collar, which I've edited myself and i put on all of my avatars,

Resize it, place around it the neck, then move it into your armature where your neck is.
I've added dynamic bones settings picture which i used for the bells. I also use it for really stringy hair settings, I've also included the colliders settings i use for my hands.
If you don't want to add the the dynamic bones yourself, just go to the scene I've put with the collar, copy it and place it into Your scene.

Best shaders to use are:
Poiymoi/NoeNoePoi For the leather
Synlogic/PanningOutline For the bells (This version IS LIT, Using the unlit version is eyecancer to some)

Enjoy it.

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MrBaracu 1560337544 ago

A picture how you setup the collar shaders would be cool too :)

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TheUnknownM 1540745688 ago

This is such a beautiful collar, I love using this on all my avatars and this is the best accessory ever! This looks so good with the shaders. <3

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MinerSpark Author 1540044959 ago

@RoseBuny "SynLogic PanningOutline"

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RoseBuny 1539988011 ago

whats the VRC name of the synlogic shader because I can't find it.

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