Lumine OwO [Particles,Faces,Emotes,Eyetracking,Lyp sync etc.]

Uploaded by Jannik 1540384603 ago


[For your own custom model (comission) or private lessions add me on
Discord ( Jannik#0725 ). Or join my server ]

Lumine has everything you could wish for on an avatar: Particles, faces, emotes, eyetracking, lyp sync, dynamic bones etc.

How to install:
1 Import the unityproject into your unity

2 Open the text and download the model from mediafire (scene was too big for vrcmods and I can only upload unitypackages here)

3 Create a new Unityproject and ONLY import my file (the one from mediafire), nothing else! (important, dont skip this part)

4 Open the scene called "Lumine" and upload her :D

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ThugPug98 1626489929 ago

if this is lumine from the comic found on Webtoons, Lumine is a boy btw

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TheSeroGon 1546546021 ago

Why is there so much in the download

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Largo 1543053301 ago

This is amazing, thank you!

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Clyde 1540414766 ago

god ur so cute

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