Adult Kisaragi (Updated 2/1/19)

Uploaded by naytella 1542689644 ago


**UPDATED: 2/1/19**
-fixed a leg weighting issue that made the thighs dip (should be work better for full body!)
-atlased the avatar to 4 materials
-fixed misassigned materials
-updated to Poiyomi's newest toon shader

(thank you tangerine for helping me figure out an issue <3)


I saw that someone ripped and is distributing an old, scuffed version of this model, so I figured I'd post a newer, fixed version. Hope you enjoy her! :) Just open the scene and you should be good to upload.

This model is based on the boat girl Kisaragi from Azur Lane, originally commissioned from Curio ( and then fixed by me over time. Please let me know if there's any issues and I'll fix them as soon as I can.
Feel free to message me on discord (naytella#9559) or join my stream/modeling discord ( to ask any questions or learn more about my commissions.

What she comes with:
-eye tracking
-CATS FBT fix (haven't tested because i'm lazy, please let me know if there's anything I need to fix!)
-happy face (hand open)
-angry face (rock n roll)

What you'll need:
-Dynamic Bones
-Poiyomi's Toon Shader (included in package)
-Muscle Animator

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naytella Author 1553016563 ago

@OpZava im not sure what you mean, sorry

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OpZava 1552991601 ago

Can I provide an original model avatar to me?

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naytella Author 1545834927 ago

@mindlessgonzo you dont *need* the things you have to pay for, the model works just fine without any of those.
@thesenpaifox the model is one mesh, so im not sure what you mean

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TheSenpaiFox 1545628062 ago

Can barely edit this, especially since everything is shoved into a few meshes.

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mindlessgonzo 1545045399 ago

Great. requires stuff that you need to pay to use this model...

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Accelerator 1543803434 ago

*Took original model, removed the old hair, put kisaragi's hair on it, done.*

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naytella Author 1543516610 ago

@nex86 ive tried to comment this like four times but vrcmods keeps cutting off my comment, the avatar thats kinda in the ground is a duplicate in case anyone wanted to add more faces or simple animations

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nex86 1543369271 ago

whats with the model next to it thats like kneeling down

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Eren Jaeger 1543101532 ago


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Sombie 1542814808 ago

best ERP model

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Goth 1542752366 ago

Thanks for sharing this lovely avatar! Good job.

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Eagle 1542701529 ago

I'll give this 11 out of 10 gamer breads

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Niyah 1542691824 ago

That's it gamer

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odds 1542690288 ago

now this is epic

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