Make Uganda Great Again (No Lipsync) - the Trump Knuckles remake

Uploaded by Hayan 1546794693 ago


I have only one request to all users: do not credit me for this model. I was just putting on one final touch on GhostUnit25's model.
He's been inactive for a year so he probably won't see this, but if he's offended I'll take it down. Just leave a comment.
Lastly, don't ask me anything. Use Google. Don't ask for anything either. Do it yourself. Even if the file is broken, fix it yourself.

Let me be clear: I am not one of the Ugandan Knuckles.
They were once a trendy meme and was great in number, but now they're almost extinct.
But I had an epiphany when I saw this model on here ( and read Ted Stevens's comment.
What if the hat were to say "Make Uganda Great Again"?
I'm not very good with Blender, but it was easy enough to remake the text and flag to more fit Ugandan Knuckles and original hat.
I'm not proud of what came out. I didn't want Knuckles to be my first upload, but oh well, here it is.

TL;DR - don't credit me, don't ask me or ask for anything.

P.S. I don't have any idea what the "Bezier Circles" are in the package. It was in the original file. If you find out, leave a comment.

Also, whitelist this website on your Adblock so the devs can pay for server and keep this site running.

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sex13211231 1612895193 ago


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Thioc 1612895135 ago


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Macro 1579201677 ago

Hey i found out what the Bezier Circles are

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Hayan Author 1547213707 ago

I thought you would know how to read. I wrote that I am not, was not, and will not be Knuckles in the description.

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Paranoias Big Venom 1547131663 ago

We dont like knuckles, you stupid knuckle.

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Hayan Author 1547053845 ago

I expected more downvotes, WTF

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Hayan Author 1546855323 ago

TL;DR - don't credit me, don't ask me or ask for anything.

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Memeolicious 1546811504 ago

no thanks

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