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GTA 5 LSPD SWAT Ukons with Battlefield 2 weapons. This unity package will contain 1 base avatar: Scene files are located on the "LSPD SWAT Ukon Assets" folder. But you can download the rest of the other 2 avatars right here:

*Requires Unity 2017 (Unity 2017.4.15f1)

*More Preview Images @:


~> Custom Emotes for both standing and sitting for desktop users; and gestur triggerable by doing keystrokes: Shift+(F1-F8).

~> For VR users, you can access the triggers by doing the "rocknroll" hand gesture (firing gesture for all weapons), "thumbsup" (deploy ballistic shield), "victory/peace" gesture (switch to secondary weapon), "fingerpoint" gesture (reload weapon) and "handgun" (switch to full-auto firing mode) *if you want to fire with your pistol out, simply do a combination of both the "victory/peace" and "rocknroll" gesture with either your left or right hand.

~> General Control Layout:


~> models & textures by Rockstar Games and EA DICE
~> Special thanks to "OneVoltTen" (OneVoltTen#0001) for the base ukon model:

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chickitychoo 1586824692 ago

@PonySaurus Rex I love the models, and I have a suggestion: What if you made the LSPD Police Officer models So that there could be the Noose and the Officers.

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Hunter64 1548011005 ago

Are you still gonna make black mesa avatars?

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Furrygirlemily 1547766458 ago

Can I put these avatars in a world

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PonySaurus Rex Author 1547643018 ago

@Infected there fixed it :)

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Infected 1547576241 ago

mediafire: Download ready soon

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prinzeugen7214 1547432638 ago

wow very nice

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willis8080 1547425308 ago

Nice brother

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Kurisutina 1547387773 ago


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