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[For your own custom model with Items/Particles or private lessions
add me on Discord (Jannik#0725) so we can talk about it. Or join my
Server https://discord.gg/DTxc3b5 ]

This is Rineki she can transform in two diffrent stances (Gesture) and has 6 diffrent faces in total.
Full Body, Desktop, VR everything works.
With all the features: Dynamic Bones, Faces, Lyp sync, Eyetracking etc.

1 create a new project
2 import VRCSDK
3 import Reineki
4 open "open me"
5 upload
6 enjoy ^^

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ObsideusDaddy 1648652169 ago

When added to Vrchat Turns pink

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Joltze 1555994028 ago


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Jannik Author 1555951753 ago

its easy to remove them if you dont like it

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Silific 1555914340 ago

i agree with dongle i mean it can look good but not having ones that big cuz it covers most of the face

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dongle 1555900191 ago

Tattoos are way too much, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Everyone is doing tattooed avatars these days, it's getting incredibly boring

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Kassatsu 1555900055 ago

Nice one. This is just my opinion, but without the tattoos/text on the face it would be even better.

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