Latex Luka (FBT ready)

Uploaded by Yuumi 1556057316 ago


Hello, was bored and made something from parts. Everything should work without any issues or scuff (hopefully?). There is no NSFW version.

New project>Import SDK and Dynamic bone>import this package>doubleclick scene in Assets>profit.


+Fullbody fixes (legs and viewpoint).
+Has jiggles (tho butt physics are not the best) and hair dynamics set up.
+marker (handgun to pull out + victory to draw / +fingerpoint to clear)
+whip (rock n roll + victory for audio)
+basic expressions

Head: TDA Luka Police
Outfit: DOA5
and some other parts that i have no clue where to get from.


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Minty Flow 1584739843 ago

What background is that?? I want it! <3

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JapariNeko 1562514367 ago

for those who cannot upload this model, you need to import the newest dynamic bone script into your project.

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DungeonMaster 1561499443 ago

nvm upload doesnt work

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DungeonMaster 1561479046 ago

Now i can show them who's ?BOSS?OF?THIS?GYM?

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DuskMaiden 1561437245 ago

I'm having an issue with the avatars bounding box.

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FirePyre 1560023570 ago

getting a really weird effect in game. When you close one eye and look at the model you see her with out clothes and with the other eye it's just the clothes. Any idea how to fix this or what might be causing this??

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JapariNeko 1557866112 ago

dynamic bone script cant be located

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Yuumi Author 1556616518 ago

Everything is working fine, import SDK and Dynamic bone assets.

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Joltze 1556616507 ago

yuumi never fails to make sexy ;)

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Aethelis 1556569141 ago

some scripts aren't working causing a upload failure

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azurekite 1556510751 ago

Nice job!

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GhostY 1556279443 ago

THOT !!111

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DoppeIganger 1556218632 ago

Yuumi ze best!

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Jasmin 1556183927 ago

thx :)

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angiemara 1556165378 ago


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Yuumi Author 1556165005 ago

@nephoryte, import dynamic bones, either asset or from another project.

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AceVintageK 1556161493 ago

go to one of your previous unity projects and grab the file from that because it has all 4 scripts in it not for some reason 2 of the scripts are missing

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nephoryte 1556146617 ago

its saying that i have compiler errors about missing dynamicbonecolliderbase or something like that, any clue whats wrong?

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bitty 1556062614 ago

luka has big ol tiddy

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