Black Hole Chan (Full Body, 5 Gestures, including black hole)

Uploaded by CheinSojang 1556157607 ago


Cubed shaders and dynamic bones required
Fingerpoint: Black hole shown here
Handgun: Earth
Rocknroll: Sun and moon
Thumbsup: Stars
Victory: Ahegao
Comes with black hole shader, credit here:
Viscemes and eye tracking too
Have fun

My discord:

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OfficialIcey 1585970098 ago

The polygons are 43K, does anyone know how to decrease it to like under 20k?

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coolfox24 1567823137 ago

@aranohr idk where to even fnd unit shadowed since its nowhere to be found. and the model is still pink

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Aranohr 1558637177 ago

@coolfox24 @Jeffery Change the shaders on the model to Unit Shadowed.

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Jeffrey 1557750099 ago

same problem. the model is pink. Cubed Unity Shader doesnt help

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coolfox24 1556738537 ago

got all thinks imported before i imported the model into unity and it still shows her as pink it already placed the cubed unity shaders in it .

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N4t3 1556272724 ago

lol, i like how this is up days after i finished mine. nice work my dood.

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KingCDog 1556226829 ago

This is dope bro! Is it possible to make Lolathon?

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Eagle 1556158398 ago


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grubbiest 1556157748 ago


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