Subcom Fen

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A Subcom Avatar that they are no longer getting distributed by Subcom


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ezmode 1619354634 ago

anyone have any of textures for this? I had them but lost them all

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WrathSkele 1570315313 ago

little mouse has been selling this model again for $25 so i doubt she'd be ok with this being on VRCmods, though she is completely against selling it one second, then completely for it the next second so idek what's gonna happen with this next lmao

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Red134 1562310837 ago

lol loving all the white knights in the comments

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Zevvy 1558896184 ago

Ripoff yes, stolen no. They used similar, mostly the same, parts but even streamed their shit (Putting it together etc.). If you don't edit shit and just slap it together like most "Model Creators" it'll looks really similar. Don't get me wrong, I don't like them either but it's useless to create even more drama. It's known they ain't original and have no sorts of morals.

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Rokk 1558726647 ago

Quite obvious EN ripoff, shame that Little Mouse has zero originality in anything they do.

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Zennshi 1558718485 ago

@606 Yes douchebag - some of us do care.

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606 1558659517 ago

@Kreuz Does it look like we fucking care on vrcmods? no lol.

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BLG18 1558653039 ago

D R A M A. pretty edgy

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Kreuz 1558600341 ago

holy fuck actually stolen, at least you should read this

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TheUnknownM 1558588831 ago


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Zennshi 1558519914 ago

if by copy you mean - I downloaded it from filn and then after they were asked to stop they kept giving it away and said and I quote "cuz fuck em right?"

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Hellos39 1558495441 ago

Not subcoms but their *copy* of filn's work

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Hellos39 1558494644 ago

Lol nice *lot of drama they say*

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Zennshi 1558488659 ago

isn't that Filn's model

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bitty 1558485725 ago

subcom used to call these wolf boys Drek I wonder what happened to that name?

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LordKit 1558476344 ago

Thank you. I have a lot of them, just didn't have Fen.

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NeganVR 1558474344 ago


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