Fake Full Body Sleep Pose

Uploaded by TheBootyTamer 1565213769 ago


Desktop Full Body

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BLG18 1565317238 ago


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GhostY 1566110362 ago


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The Booty Tamer 1565382586 ago

Idk. Some random person gave me it and said I can use it if I edit it for them.

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Robostus 1565338774 ago

where can i find the avatar?

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The Booty Tamer 1565307835 ago

Haha yeah I'll do that when I have time

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AzulieZeiro 1565286793 ago

can we get a pose where it looks like a vr user who took off their headset? U know that one where they're all folded weirdly into themselves, that'd be cool

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Komica 1565283419 ago


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Landfill 1565271483 ago

this looks so realistic i would never think about that this is fake :o

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PoppyGay 1565249454 ago

thank you for this good sir

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TheBootyTamer Author 1565226392 ago

haha shhh

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NeganVR 1565223236 ago

spreaded time for sex

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