Autumn Girl [Weather Control, Full Body, Faces, etc.]

Uploaded by Jannik 1568539875 ago


[For your own custom model with Items/Particles or private lessions
add me on Discord (Jannik#0725) so we can talk about it. Or join my
Server ]

Weather Control: Open your emotes to toggle leafs or wind on and off,
I d suggest only using these in open spaces and not indoors.
Otherwise the Model has everything you could want on an avatar.

Install: 1: Create a new unity project
2: Import newest VRCsdk
3 Import this
4 Import my File
5 Open the Scene "Autumn Girl" and Upload :D


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AcidWavez 1577251958 ago

Did the original designer or creator okay this? I'm not saying they didn't, I'm just asking.

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Jannik Author 1568744591 ago

@PoppyGay if you knew...

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bitty 1568741561 ago

this will always be the brandon model to me

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heyman1231 1568674733 ago

He removed the WHAT

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PoppyGay 1568648852 ago

at least credit the original creator. all you did was remove the tails and remove vertices on the shirt

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Delilah 1568568888 ago


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ToxicError 1568563421 ago

its not even a thot XD

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Hell raven okuu 1568553932 ago

Ugly ass generic tda thot

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Legoman99573 1568552051 ago

rape sex

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ImStuff 1568547239 ago

im stuff

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NeganVR 1568541328 ago


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