Lucoa Swimsuit

Uploaded by Alleycrack 1518362110 ago


Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. This model uses Cubed's Shaders and Dynamic Bones for the hair and breasts. All credit for the model goes to icemega5


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Vaporoni 1592468990 ago


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incognito_mewtwo 1577159171 ago

you cant get banned for having something not visible, underneath the model, and has no way to become visible through gestures or emotes etc. all these snowflakes need to calm down

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mindlessgonzo 1560917545 ago

Needs update.

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Alleycrack Author 1519853138 ago

That's what "This file may not be suitable under VRChat Community Guidelines" right above the download button is for. But since three different people have complained ill fix it over the weekend.

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Fereth 1519683337 ago

Why does it have a vag? Are you looking to get people banned?

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Sniper33 1518381758 ago

even if you can see it from the outside, people tend to get close to one another, or you have the smaller characters looking up dresses and such. Looks good but why not safe than sorry.

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Alleycrack Author 1518368013 ago

I figured that if someone is okay with seeing the model that they wouldn't care if they saw that when they go looking for it and you can't see it from the outside

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Wallow 1518362952 ago

You didn't remove the vag, if you look inside the model, its there, if people use this avatar and someone reports them they will get banned from vrchat, just fyi.

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