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First Male Avatar i made i have no name for him hf with it,By some problems uploading the vrsdk first it somethimes helps, the modell is buggt in a position but you have no problem to uploade it. -Poiyomi, Yukio Fur, Loli Eye, Doppel shaders, 100% ready , fullbody ready, Face gestures, Dynamic bones(Colliders)

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swark 1582312997 ago

thanks bro i really need that love you

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EnvoyOfTheVoid 1588002125 ago

file missing for yukio fur shader - FurHelper.cginc

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BakaNekoSenpai 1587954220 ago

Syntax Error FurShader.Yukio

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PROMETEO147 1587425283 ago

I have a problem uploading te avatar, when I try it says that the file has been uploadet succesfully , but when i enter vrchat the avatar isn't there

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Red134 1583119889 ago


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LUND 1582322033 ago

wheres the model..

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NeganVR 1582296159 ago


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