Cigarette but better

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Cigarette, has particles for the cigarette burning itself and exhale of smoke. Rigid bodies are set just connect them to the rigid body on hand and head. Add it to your animation and your done. Fr tho how you gonna give a cigarette to people and not give them the power to smoke their life away.


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Beanmaster420 1604897464 ago

now i can spread lung cancer in vrchat too

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DreamerxCrow 1631135883 ago

hey i am new to unity and character customisation, so i was wondering if someone could tell me how to set up this, i all ready know how to put on some simpel accesory and how to make them appear with hand gesture but i am at lost here

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Jan_dro 1628861248 ago


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KyoukoZ 1587778971 ago

imagine using rigidbodies

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DisturbedChild 1587737060 ago

I keep getting a missing prefab error idk what to do

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LordBruh 1587349224 ago

time to become dying ryan

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NeganVR 1587342275 ago


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PhantomReaperX3 1587335587 ago


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