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Meili By Fluffy. You Need Poiyomi, Must Be New User To Upload Avatars (I Don't Know why i have to mention this -.-). Don't Take Anything off the avatar to put on a new model and try to sell it ("Avatar Creators"). It's Free For A Reason. I Want To Bring More Of These Cuties To The Public But If you can't follow the one rule i cannot do it. I'm A Beginner, there will probably be scuffs. Don't Claim As Your Own Model. Fluffy#6348

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NeganVR 1594054932 ago


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Derp 1594764017 ago

This comment is going to come back until the OP acknowledges it. This model is stolen. Original -

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Dandyes1997 1594065591 ago

do it work with full body tracking?

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SweBerra 1594051184 ago

NIcely done ^^ i Like it.

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Dragoness44 1612693572 ago

there is clipping in the nails on the avatar, i tried fixing it, but idk how to use blender, and i cant fix it in Unity and i like this model :(

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MochiBunnie 1599100187 ago

its all pink

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Ksubaki 1597010964 ago

its not letting me upload this, can someone help pls?

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Retwads 1594827746 ago


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