The Black Arms SDX (My Modded VRCSDK)

Uploaded by PhoenixAce 1600364483 ago


The upload is EXTERNAL for the reason that I will not be actively uploading my SDK here This is a Modded VRCSDK that I have been developing actively and that I also use actively. The entire list of what my SDK offers is far too long to list here so I have made a GITHUB that hosts it with everything you could need to know (This is also where the downloads are at) Oh and NO the name is not racist, it is a reference to a video game! Anyways enjoy my most actively developed creation! (The download here is just a txt file with a url that leads to the github download page and a base VBOT)

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heyman1231 1600379509 ago

Could have at least listed few examples of its main features.

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PhoenixAce Author 1601760544 ago

This might get a ton of attention to my SDX but I have implemented antiyoink (avatar 3.0 currently, porting to 2.0) and ANTIRIP (all release types) to the SDX, Enjoy

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Conflee 1600913348 ago

Violates TOS, should be deleted.

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redmatter25 1600538260 ago

with skill and precision

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Beanmaster420 1600498860 ago


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NeganVR 1600452196 ago


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BlazeTheWolf_ 1600367009 ago


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