Apex Legends Models, Textures, and Animations (BIG FILE)

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This is a huge file containing all Character and Weapon models + textures from Apex Legends. (Including legendary skins for both) There is also every animation for each character and model as well. Animations like: Idle, gameplay (walking, crouching, turning), finishers, gladiator cards, main menu stances, etc. I have heavily documented most of the things you will need to know to get started with these assets, including how to set them up. I have also provided examples and other useful files you may need in the folder, though for animations to be imported, you must follow a separate link I included in the info/help text document All assets ripped by me, (Swagguy47) Don't stress too much about crediting me, though I would like it if you do. Especially if you're making a whole Apex Legends world using this rip. (I do recommend crediting Respawn Entertainment somewhere for creating the assets in the first place) I have also included in the info/help text document a small guide on how to rip assets from Apex Legends yourself, so when new content is released for the game, you can rip it and include it in your own creations. I have dumped these assets due to recently ending support on my Apex legends world, so my hopes are that others can use these assets to create more and better Apex content for VRChat. These assets where created by: Respawn Entertainment, and I only intend this rip to be used for VRChat content only. Though Obviously I can't control what you actually use them for. (Assets up to date as of: 9/19/20) Model = .FBX Texture = .TIFF Animation = .SEANIM (link to .Seanim blender plugin provided in Help/Info text document) ----------------------- Download Size: Compressed ZIP file = 21.1 GB Decompressed folder = 23.3 GB (told ya it was big) Note: Due to the absolute size of this file, the included asset is just a text document, containing a Mega link to the actual file download. idk any other ways around this issue. But if you just want the link now, here it is: https://mega.nz/file/SGwSEYKD#5-rhqheiIfhrW8v1UAVvcmCwNVZFtuHP5enrpQnw2Aw Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused

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Darkin225 1600671074 ago

21gb of space well spent

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Is there anyways you can just upload any skin for Wraith? Just Her? I can't download this unless I pay for MEGA

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Swagguy47VR Author 1600621484 ago

Here is the direct link so you don't have to scroll to the bottom of the description or copy it from the included text document: https://mega.nz/file/SGwSEYKD#5-rhqheiIfhrW8v1UAVvcmCwNVZFtuHP5enrpQnw2Aw

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