Fall Guys animations

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Email [email protected] if any issues or questions. Animations from Fall Guys converted to Unity humanoid. Extracted using Prefare Asset Studio Models, sounds and more assets avaliable from my archive tinyurl.com/09williamsad Includes: ArmWave, Attempting_Grab_Run, Beefcake, Carrying_Idle_Small, Carrying_Small, CostumeChangeLooking, Dive_GetUp, Dive_Land, Dive, Dive_RollOver, Dive, Emote_Armthrow, emote_Bow, emote_boxing, emote_ChestBump, Emote_Chicken, emote_comeon, emote_Curtsy, emote_horsey, emote_Jester, Emote_Neener, Emote_Pattycake, Emote_PirateDance, Emote_RobotDance, emote_Salute, Emote_slowclap, Emote_ThumbsUp, Emote_Wave, Emote_WaveOverHead, Emote_Zsnap, Fall, Fallguy_FG_emote_HappyClap, Fallguy_FG_Emote_Mexwave, Grab_Hands, Hang, Idle, Idle_Attempting_Grab, Idle_Joggingonspot, Idle_JumpingJacks, Idle_Qualification, Idle_TouchingToes, Idle_TwistingStreches, Jump_MidAir, Jump, Landing, Loading_Falling, Mantle, PRP_CanonLip_Fire, Pushing_TEST, Ragdoll, Run, Run_Decline, Run_Decline_Left, Run_Decline_Right, Run_Incline, Run_Incline_left, Run_Incline_right, Run_Left_Variant01, Run_Right_Variant01, StrafeLeft_Run, StrafeLeft_Walk, StrafeRight_Run, StrafeRight_Walk, StumbleBackwards, TailTag_Run, Victory_DanceGuy, Victory_DefaultGuy, Victory_FallingGuy, Victory_HangingGuy, Victory_JackInBox, Victory_StrongGuy, Victory_StumbleGuy, Victory_SuperGuy, Victory_ThisSucks, Victory_WizardGuy, Victory_ZSnapGuy, Walk, Walk_Backwards, Walk_Decline, Walk_Decline_Left, Walk_Decline_Right, Walk_Incline, Walk_Incline_Left, Walk_Incline_Right, Walk_Left, Walk_Right


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PoptartKnux 1603176847 ago

A while ago I made a custom Fall Guy avatar but didn't have the animations. Thanks to you my avatar has just become 100 times better. Thank you.

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NeganVR 1603221311 ago


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